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Adare Pharmacy provides a full prescription fulfilment services.

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From our Limerick Pharmacy, Adare Pharmacy provides a full prescription fulfilment service.

We have been fulfilling prescriptions for our Adare clients for over 20 years.
All prescription fulfilments are handled by our fully qualified and extremely experienced pharmacist.

Do you require repeat prescriptions? We are set up to receive faxed prescriptions from medical faculties all over Ireland. Our pharmacists also have long standing relationships with all the GP clinics and medical facilities in Adare and the wider Limerick area

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Prescriptions FAQ

  • Do you accept the medical card for prescriptions?

    Yes, in line with the latest government medical card initiative, we accept the medical card to help cover the costs of your prescriptions. However, even with the medical card, some charges may still apply.

  • What is the difference between a new prescription and a repeat prescription?

    A repeat prescription is a partially used prescription that is used for a defined number of pick-ups. A new prescription is a script that has not been dispensed at a pharmacy.

  • I’m new to the Adare and I’d like to move my prescription to Adare Pharmacy. Is this easy to do?

    Yes, this is very easy to do. Please present your prescription to our pharmacist and we’ll do the rest. If you have any questions regarding your prescription please feel free to ask.