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Pet Care

From our Limerick pharmacy Adare Pharmacy provides clients with a comprehensive range of pet care products. Or pet care range includes pet treats, pet food, pet toys and pet treatments.

We understand how important pets are to our customer's so we only stock the very best products in our Limerick pharmacy.

All our pet care products are carefully chosen by our team of animal lovers.

From pet toys, pet treats and pet treatment products

Call into our Limerick pharmacy today for the very best pet hair products.

Our Pet Care Products

 Adare Pharmacy our pharmacy stocks a range of pet care products including:

  • Exitel Plus Cat/ Dog Exitel Plus Cat/ Dog remain one of Ireland’s most popular dog and cat worming products. These flavoured treatments make ingestion easy while being strong and effective.

  • Botanica Botanica offer an extensive range of natural cleaning products for animals. Botanica’s range of herbal creams and cleansing washes are made from the finest natural ingredients.

  • Shampoo We offer a range of dog shampoo’s that are designed to retain a dog’s coat while protecting their skin against rashes and infections.

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Pet Care FAQ

  • Can you recommend the right doggy shampoo for my dog’s breed?

    Yes, we can make recommendations on the right dog shampoo for your pet.

  • How do I make my pet eat their worm medication?

    Our worm medication is flavoured so your pet will likely think they’re getting a delicious treat rather than taking medication.