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For that perfect gift, Adare Pharmacy provides a carefully curated range of gift products. Throughout the year we stock an extensive range of seasonally appropriate gifts. From Valentine's Day Staples to Christmas gifts, no matter the season we'll have the perfect gift for family, friends or that special person.
All our gifts are carefully selected blend of Irish manufacturers and international brands. For enquiries on our gift selection, please get contact with us today.

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Our Gift Range

 Adare Pharmacy stock a range of gift products including:

  • KNIGHT & DAY Knight and day jewellery is synonymous with quality and beauty. We stock the very latest Knight and Day jewellery collections.

  • PURCELL & WOODCOCK Purcell and Woodcock provide a range of scented candles, diffusers, and gift sets. Call into our Limerick pharmacy to view our range of Purcell and Woodcock gift products.

  • STONEGLOW Stoneglow is an innovative fragrance oil company that offer an extensive range of scented candles, mist diffusers and room sprays.

  • PERFUMES For the very latest perfumes call into our Limerick pharmacy today. We stock the latest perfumes from some of the world's most recognisable designers and celebrities

  • HIMALAYAN SALT LAMPS Himalayan salt lamps create a relaxing ambient atmosphere in every home. We provide arrange of Himalayan salt lamps in a variety of different sizes.

  • PUKKA TEA We offer an extensive selection of organic, flavoured teas.

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Gifts FAQ

  • Do you stock seasonal gifts?

    Yes, depending on the time of year we stock an appropriate range of the seasonal gifts.

  • Do you sell oil refills for diffusers?

    Yes, we sell a variety of scented oils for diffusers.