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Adare Pharmacy provides clients with professional Passport Photos.

Adare Pharmacy use a custom camera that captures crisp, high-quality passport pictures.
We don’t use a photo box, instead, our team capture the passport photo in a dedicated area of our pharmacy. We ensure that the photos conform with the stringent rules necessary for passport photos.

Out trained team check the photo against the standards set by the department of foreign affairs (DFA) to ensure the passport photo is acceptable.

With every order, we provide four high-quality passport ready pictures.

To schedule a passport photo,

Please call into our Limerick pharmacy or get in contact with Adare Pharmacy today.

Passport Pictures

Our passport pictures are also suitable for:

  • Driving Licenses

  • Garda Identification

  • Bus Passes

  • Public Transportation Cards

  • Work Identifications

Passport Photos FAQ

  • I need passport photos near me. What is your catchment area?

    We have been taking passport photos in Adare for over 20 years. Passport photos don’t need to be booked, please just call into our pharmacy and we can take and print the photo there and then.

  • Can I get a digital version of the photo emailed to me?

    Yes, if you would like a digital version of your passport photo -- emailed to your email address -- please let our team know and we will accommodate this request.

  • How many printed passport pictures are there in a set?

    In a set, we provide four high-quality crisp passport photos. If you need more please let us know and we can print some spares. Please keep in mind extra printing will incur an additional charge.