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Adare Pharmacy’s Limerick pharmacy has been offering our local community with the best products and health advice since 1997.

For over two decades we have combined professional advice with friendly courteous service.

Our pharmacists are available to offer advice on products and is available for fully confidential health consultations.

Our Services Include:


From our pharmacy, clients can order vaccinations directly. Some of the vaccinations that can be ordered include:

- Pneumococcal Vaccination
- Shingles Vaccination
- Winter Flu Vaccinations
- Travel Vaccinations

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EHC (Morning After Pill)

We provide the morning-after pill. To enquire about this emergency contraceptive please speak to our professional and discreet pharmacist.


Available without a prescription, Viagra Connect® is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. (ED).
This treatment is only available to clients over the age of 18.

Compression Hosiery

We provide a range of Compression Hosiery products. These products are a form of compression therapy that help promote blood flow. Compression treatment can also help reduce swelling in areas including the ankles and legs.

Blood Pressure Check

Did you know that half of the people with high blood pressure aren’t aware they’re suffering from the condition? At its worst high blood pressure can lead to conditions like heart disease and can be a factor that leads to a stroke. Have your blood pressure monitored at Adare Pharmacy.

Private Consultation Area

To ensure privacy we provide a private consultation area. Our Private Consultation Area allows clients to speak freely to our qualified pharmacist.
All consultations are kept in the strictest of confidence.

Inhaler Technique

Our pharmacist offers advice on inhaler techniques. We’re available to both children and adults We help them make individuals are properly ingesting their inhaler medication.

Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test

  • Adare Pharmacy offers a rapid antigen test and EU digital test certificate within 15 minutes. The EU digital test certificate will be emailed to an agreed address and /or printed in hard copy format.
  • This service is not suitable for anyone with symptoms of COVID-19, or anyone who thinks they may have COVID-19, which includes being a close contact.
  • Please don’t book an appointment or come into the store if you or anyone in your household have symptoms of COVID-19 or you are classed as a close contact. Instead please stay at home and follow the latest government guidance.( covid )
  • This service costs €35.00 .Payment is taken when you arrive in the Pharmacy for your test.
  • Please bring a form of photo ID to verify your identity. If you are using this service for travelling, this must be a passport. For other reasons, please bring your driver's licence or another form of photo ID, such as your Public Services card.
  • Please remember to wear a facemask or coveringand maintain social distancing whilst in the pharmacy. You will need to remove your face mask or covering for the sample collection.

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Why Choose Adare Pharmacy

  • Friendly Professional Service We pride ourselves on our friendly and courteous service. We want to make every visit to our pharmacy a pleasant experience. Therefore we do everything in our power to help our customer’s find exactly what they’re looking for.

  • Large and Evolving Suite of Products Along with a range of health products, we also stock a comprehensive range of health and beauty products, gift products and baby products. From the latest fragrances to pacifiers, we carry a range of products from some of the world’s most recognisable brands.

  • Private Heath Consultations Our pharmacist offers private and confidential health consultations. Please call into our Limerick Chemist to speak to our pharmacist in private.

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Pharmacy FAQ

  • Is parking available at your Limerick Pharmacy?

    Yes, we have limited parking available outside our chemist.

  • Is your pharmacy wheelchair accessible?

    Yes, we are a ground floor pharmacy.

  • How do I schedule a private consultation with a pharmacist?

    We recommend that you get in contact with us by phone to schedule a time. We will do our utmost to accommodate individuals in store but depending on how busy the pharmacy is, this may not always be possible.